Wednesday, June 5, 2013

To the Grandparent's houses we go.

Aunt Zaza graduated from high school this month. I remember when Alex and I first started dating, she was shy and wouldn't talk to me. I bought her a baby doll for Christmas and all she ate was cottage cheese. How times have changed. She is going to FSU this fall and I am so excited to have her in the same town as us!
So anyways, we went down for her graduation and dinner. We visited my mom somewhere in there. Halle really enjoys visiting with her peoples but mostly with Mawmaw's dog, and Eliza's cat and bird. She's definitely an animal lover!

Halle and her Daddy.

Waiting to see Zaza.

Can you spot Zaza?

Eliza getting her diploma from her Mommy (Beth was handing out diplomas since she is on the Board).
Halle also screamed "Hi Grammy" during the ceremony lol.

Halle and giant Willy Lee.

getting kisses from Taz.

Willy Lee- 5 years younger, 40lbs heavier and just as dumb.

Alex playing with Taz.

Taz is a friendly dog.

Alyssa and Halle playing.

Being cheerleaders or an airplane. I don't know.

Fell asleep from Mawmaw's to Grammy's.

Playing in the dirt with Chichi.

She loves Zaza's cat, Chichi.

Halle says, "look at mommy!"

Alex, full of wonderment.

After a long day!