Friday, May 17, 2013

Phone Pictures

Just some randomness from my phone camera:

Halle and Grammy rode the train through the mall.

Halle and Daddy reading their comic books. Halle's is My Little Pony lol.

Eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel while we wait for Willy to get groomed.

My silly billy gumdrop.

Willy going to pick up Halle from school.

"Halle don't rock in that chair, you're going to tip over"  (repeat 23 times)
Awesome parenting!

Sometimes you just have to make a robot.

Drawing Mommy and Daddy and Halle on the porch.

This kid sucks at some hopscotch.

First real haircut.

Showing off her squinkies bracelet.

Pretending to be a fat milk baby like when we would burp her when she was a baby.

Pretty with her glasses off too.

She loves her Daddy.

Watching Ninjan turtles on Saturday morning.

breakfast at the Cercone house, courtesy of Alex.

After eating too much fettucini alfredo.

Showing off her rainbow sidewalk that Daddy and I made for her.

Petting and singing Willy to sleep.

Willy being Willy lol.

Riding her $5 yard sale "bicycle" that is way too small for her.
She has definitely got her $5 out of it though.