Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Scavenger Hunt

We have an annual scavenger hunt for our women's ministry. Here are some silly pictures from this year! It's a great way to hang out with the girls and find new places around town that you didn't even know existed! This year you had to bring a baby doll and it had to be in every single picture in order to get points.

3 team members (and baby) going down the slides.

A team member standing in a trash can. Eww gross but Twyla hopped right in there!

All team members in a fully assembled tent.
The didn't say it couldn't be a tiny princess pop up tent!

All team members in a bathtub with one wearing a shower cap.

Some other things we had to do (there were over 50+ items and only 2 hrs to do them, there was no way to do all):

Count the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrell.
Draw chalk outlines of every team member and baby and take a picture.
Take a picture of someone (not a team member) coming out of a port a potty. (We had a very nice man do this for us and he even held the baby doll while he did it!)
Use the $.50 provided and buy a vase at a yard sale.
Take a picture of roadkill.
Take a picture of a lost animal sign.
Bake a dozen cookies with the mix provided. (We got this done, but they looked more like pancakes lol.)
Help someone wash their car.
Pump a stranger's gas.
So much more!

And for those wondering, we came in 8th place out of 12 teams, but we had a great time!