Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alex's 31st Birthday

This year, Halle wanted to go with a Spongebob Squirrelpants theme. Alex had a great birthday weekend. He had a party, got lots of presents, went to Applebee's, the playground, and the comic book store. Best 8th, er, 31st birthday ever!

Ready for the party.

No cake is complete without chips and ice cream!


Birthday Tiana had to sing Happy Birthday to Daddy.

my SpongeBob centerpiece I made out of a box, construction paper, and pipe cleaners.

Blow out the candles.

This girl LOVES cupcakes.

Wearing his SpongeBob rings and his kitty/space/taco shirt.

More cupcakes please!

Reading his card from Halle.


Opening his (Halle's) present from Halle.

Yay, Halle got you doggies to share with her.

So happy that Daddy is going to share his present with her.

Halle's a little bow crazy.

Creeper Alert! Check out Halle's face!

Reading their comic books.