Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Fun 2013

Funny Story #1: We were reading Halle the Easter story and we got to the part where Jesus wasn't in the tomb when  the women went to see him. I told Halle "He came back to life, He's alive, Isn't that awesome?!" Halle said, "Did that make Mary and her friend happy?" Me: "Yes, it made them so happy!" Halle: "I hope the Easter bunny brings me candy tomorrow!" This kid is hilarious. I try!

Funny Story #2: The next morning Halle woke up and went looking for her Easter basket. She found it and there were two La Dee Da dolls with it (I got these 70% off at the Target toy sale in January). Halle said "uh, these are for my birthday!" She remembered buying these in January! This kid doesn't forget anything!

Funny Story#3: We were watching Smurfs and Halle said "Howard's friend dresses like that!" She was talking about an episode of The Big Bang Theory when Howard and Bernadette dress as Smurfs for a Halloween party. I don't even remember when we watched that one!

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