Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas at Home 2013

who the Lincoln Logs were really for!

Family pic before the Christmas Eve service.

Playing with the glowsticks from the Christmas Eve service.

a kitty taking pictures.

a hateful cowgirl.

Halle on Christmas Eve.

The kitty again

Opening her stocking.


She loves washcloths from the Dollar Tree!

Santa showed up!

Purple Gak!

Rosie Bumps and Bruises!

a tap dancing loopsy!

a magician loopsy.

Willy "laser eyes" Cercone.
He promptly put a hole in his new pillow.

Her own Kindle! (Leap Pad)

Santa brought Spike!

My present. Alex had my blog turned into a book.

Best. Present. Ever.

Hanging out in her Minnie slippers and coat Ida got her.

Playing on her Kindle.

a real cowgirl. The lasso is a leash from her Build a Bear dog.

What's left of Willy's stocking stuffer.

A silly cowgirl.

Giving her pony a kiss.

Swinging her lasso.

Merida and Spike eating lunch.