Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas at Grammy and Grandpaps

Daddy had the Elf playing drums with his band before we left.

Halle loves Ida (pronounced E-duh)....duh!
She is her pseudo-aunt while visiting from Denmark for the school year.

Someone is a little full of herself.

FUNNY STORY: Grandpap got Halle a John Deere fishing pole.
Halle opened it half way and said "I already have that!" (she doesn't)
...we finally figured out that she thought it was a yellow Swiffer Duster handle, which she does have!

Crazy Aunt Zaza doing Halle's hair while she does Ida's hair.

Halle anxiously waiting to open her presents...Grammy obviously got a little  happy shopping this year lol.

Lincoln Logs! These were more a present for Alex, picture in a later blog!

Halle is opening a present that Ida's mom sent her all the way from Denmark. It was a Lego Duplo Sleeping Beauty set with Danish writing.  That was so  nice of her. I'm sure Ida has told her all about Halle (since Halle loves her and uses her phone to take 100+ pictures of herself.) Ida got Alex and I some tasty Danish chocolates.