Monday, May 13, 2013

First Field Trip

We went with Halle's school to the Kid's Day at WVU's farm, just like every other kid in the area lol. When we got out of the car Halle said it smelled like monkeys. The bees were bad. Halle was a champ and petted a lot of animals that I didn't think she would. Here are the pictures.

my little sweet angel baby from Jesus.

petting the dairy cow baby.

petting the mama cow's ear.

A picture in front of the John Deere tractor for Grandpap.

Halle and me.

Playing with her girls.

touching the sheep.

my view most of the day.

who wouldn't want to pet the baby goat?

The stuff nightmares are made of!

Looking at different food.

Parachute Time! What kid doesn't love this?

Halle holding a chick. I think she is actually dropping it in this picture. oops.

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