Friday, May 31, 2013

Halle's 4th Birthday Party (Tangle themed)

With moving, Memorial Day, Graduations, etc., we decided to have Halle's birthday party early in May. I invited all the kids in her class, expecting maybe one or two to show up. Six came along with her four play-date besties and a friend from her church class. We had 12 kids under the age of 5 plus all their parents and family. It was such a fun time. We ate, played games, had a dance party, and Halle opened lots of presents. A special thanks to Ida who was our international photographer all the way from Denmark :).

wearing her Rapunzel dress that Grammy bought for her twice.

my first batch of cupcakes. After a quick run to Food Lion, the second batch came out perfect!

Hair braids that my friends Andi and Jenn helped me make.
I forgot to hand these out until well into the party. oops.

I love this picture. It looks like DJ the Transformer is terrorizing the princesses!

My friend Jenn always makes number cookies for birthdays. Thanks Jenn :)

Boys being boys lol.

I love that Halle is rooting on Bella.

It took Alex to break it open. I don't think he minded.

All her friends singing Happy Birthday to her.

Gracia wore that wig like a champ!

Kiera's pirate face!

Dance party. I finally handed out the braids!

Present time!
She was super awesome and thanked everyone as she opened her presents.

"Halle, I think Daddy has something for you!"


Sheer Joy.

The Best!

This picture is from a video Grammy took. She was so excited about her bike and Rapunzel doll.