Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Trees and a new bathtub

We have 3 Christmas Trees up. The first tree we bought as a couple, our newer tree for the living room, and Halle has a purple tree. I love all of our ornaments on them. See if you can guess who's ornaments they are!

Our first tree. Pay no attention to the mess underneath it!

Halle's tree.

Do you know who put all these ornaments in one spot?

Alex gave me a new bathtub for Christmas. It was supposed to be a simple project, but when is it ever? After some help from Super Grandpap Jim we finally got the bath installed. With a new coat of paint on the walls, new floors and a new bathroom set, we are good to go. Alex says he isn't handy, but believe me, he is very handy. I've seen him do plumbing, painting, installing, construction, etc...and he always does an awesome job.