Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanks, Aunt Nancy!

While Halle received many baby blankets, she chose the one Aunt Nancy made for her. The completely WHITE one. She carries it upstairs, downstairs, and can't sleep without it. It's really more of an off-white color now.

THE blankie.

The last time we were at Aunt Nancy's house, she gave Halle money to buy a panda at the National Zoo. Halle got a panda and a giraffe. I don't even know where the giraffe is, but we always know where the panda is...or should I say, we always know where Pendy is.

Pendy the Panda

So thank you, Aunt Nancy, for making us drag this blankie and panda EVERYWHERE we go. At bedtime when we all head upstairs and Pendy is still downstairs, or when the blankie is upstairs and we are downstairs. While on vacation, and these are the two things that we absolutely cannot forget. The arguments before preschool when Halle insits Pendy goes with her. The sneaking and washing of the blankie, so it's there for naptime and bedtime. For the new collection that Halle has started (see below)... Etc. Etc.

Said Collection

Really though, thank you for making and purchasing Halle's two favorite things. They are her tent, her picnic blanket, her tissue, her cape, her hat, her baby sister, her friend, her picnic pal, her comfort and security.

Thank you, Aunt Nancy!