Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My best friend's name is Ceal (Cecilia). We went to elementary-college together and are still friends to this day.

My 30th birthday was Monday and boy was it a hard one. Granted, Alex had made for a wonderful weekend (post on that later) but the actual day, I was a t-total mess. I cried and cried for no reason at all other than it was my 30th birthday. I knew that I just had to get through it and that the next day I would be fine. I felt silly and crazy and I felt like nobody could help. That is, until my best friend called me.

It's funny how some things just never change. I explained my feelings to her and she just listened and then told me it would get better. Not once did she make me feel crazy or bad and she even managed to make me laugh. It's funny how I always listen to her but not everyone else. She then told me that she wanted to come see me the next day. I told her she didn't have to drive 2.5 hours because I was being a cry baby, but she said that she was planning on it anyways and wanted to make sure I would be home. This turned my entire day around!

We ate at Muriales and talked for lots of hours. In 20+ years (OMG!) we have never run out of things to talk about. She got me a beautiful silver bracelet that had words like Best Friend, Sisters, etc on it. I think this is funny because she has 3 sisters, yet still has room for me. :) She had to leave for a work retreat but even when Alex got home, he told me that he could tell I was in a much better mood. It's funny how a visit with your friend can change your whole outlook on life ;).

And now a noninclusive list of  Fun Facts about my BFF:

She sat with my husband in first grade and he called her chloroseptic girl because she was always sick.

The first time she was at my house, she choked on a meatball.

In later years, she started her period there and another time her grandmother died. Needless to say, we spent more time at her house.

She did go on vacation with me to my aunt's house in South Carolina once and nobody died.

The first and only time I visited the Mystery Hole in Ansted, WV was with her and her older sisters.

She is the reason I (and many others) went to church and found Jesus.

She is the best Spades partner even when she burnt the turkey :).

She sleeps with the TV on too loud.

She was our high school homecoming queen.

In college, we sewed the crap out of our oats. We slept all day and and stayed up all night.

We use to skip our Physical Science class so we could eat at the chinese buffet in town. Her mom would call our dorm to make sure we were awake but we would just let it got to the answering machine. We use to lay in bed listening to Georgina say "I hope you girls are in class and not layin in bed listening to this..." Sorry Georgie!

We both love Halloween.

There are so very many things that I absolutely can't put on here :).

She is my confidante and voice of reason.

She was my maid of honor and I was hers.

Her mother, was and is, like a second mother to me. She still calls and sings Happy Birthday to me on my birthdays (which this year, sent me into sobs).

When Alex first got a job in Fairmont, her sister, Trina, let us live with her until we found a place.

A second generation has started. Her niece and my niece are best friends.

She and her husband, and me and Alex have been kicked out of a bar together.

We can talk about Real Housewives of (insert city) for hours.

She was in the delivery room with us when we had Halle. She was also there as Alex's voice of reason when I was out of commission.

On the phone, I can say "I gotta go" in the middle of her talking and she just says "okay" and hangs up. This is one of my favorite things about her!

When Halle makes her a necklace out of rigatoni noodles and she says that she will wear it somewhere, I believe her. :)

She never ceases to amaze me.

I love her.