Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Madagascar 3

We went to the movies to see Madagascar 3 or otherwise known in our house as "Afro Circus". We ate at Mi Pueblo, went to Toys R Us (notice a pattern here?) and then headed to the theater. We got our tickets, popcorn, M&Ms and headed to the family bathroom. Halle hadn't peed since we left the house so I was sure she needed to go. I went first and Halle said "Don't Fush" the whole time. I got up, put her on, and the toilet flushed! Ugh, those automatic flushers are pretty traumatic to a 3 year old. I'm sure she thinks it is going to suck her butt off! Anyways, the next 15 minutes were spent screaming, crying hysterically, talking, bribing, trying, shaking, coercing...and she still hadn't peed. There was some serious consideration about just leaving but we stuck it out. I finally took her in a different bathroom, promised her it wouldn't flush and I got on my knees and held her with one hand and covered the sensor with the other. She was shaking and crying hysterically the entire time, mind you! The things a mother has to do! And dads too, since Alex had tried a few times in the family bathroom!

Mine, All Mine

maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh