Friday, June 1, 2012

Halle's Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party

You know I like to take a theme and beat it to you go! Halle loved her Yo Gabba Gabba party!!

Peeking out from the gift table

My artistic ability

Birthday Banner

Muno and Brobee

Plex and Toodee

The chandelier that Alex and I came up with

Old School clothespin game

Candy table

Pin the eye on Muno

The party princess in her party room

One of the pom poms I made. We had one in each Yo Gabba color

Gotta have music

Halle and Grandma Levina

Halle with Mawmaw and Grammy

Alex and Grandma discussing which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars.

What the Cercones do at birthday parties.

Halle and Alyssa

Nick, Halle and Alyssa

Halle and her friends

Eating pizza

Playing games

Brobee aka Das jus my mommy.

The wonderful cake that Andrea made!

Yummy number cookies that Jenn made!

Blowing out the candles


Some of her loot including Twinkies from Grandma

The aftermath

Funny face

The grandparents