Thursday, May 10, 2012

Busy and Clean Teeth

We have been pretty busy the last two weeks and it shows no signs of slowing down. We are heading to DC tomorrow. We have had a visit from Mawmaw, hosted our small group, had a yard sale, playdates, appointments, etc...On top of that, Halle has decided 6am is a wonderful time to wake up, so that makes for a grouchy mama. I put black construction paper on her windows to block out the sun and that got me an extra hour. I guess I will take it! Anyways, here are some pictures and a cute story about today.

Today I had a dental cleaning appointment with Ame from church. Alex had one earlier today and she told him I could bring Halle since they weren't busy this afternoon. I got my teeth cleaned and then Halle got hers cleaned! I was worried because she let Halle touch the brush and Halle shook and said she was scared. I told Ame to try anyway since Halle is usually so cooperative at doctor appointments. After counting her teeth, Ame put the purply grape paste on the brush and Halle opened her mouth and let her clean her teeth! She then let her floss them. I was such a proud mommy! She got a new spinny toothbrush that she can put stickers on and a ring from the treasure chest. Ame was tee totally wonderful with her. She definitely doesn't get her dentist office behavior from her mother lol. :)

Playing ball. She just got hit in the face and this is the bounce back.

Her mean face.

Her baby needed goldfish.
Also, her choice of lunch now.
Chicken (nuggets) Cheese (shredded) and ketchup (fancy)

Playing with Daddy.

Playing baseball with Mawmaw.

A swing and a miss.

The too big heels you wear while playing baseball.

Anyone remember the identical outfit I had when I was little?
I found this one at Gabes and had to get it.

Worn out from all the fun with Mawmaw.

A weird picture of her foot.

Right handed this time. From left to right- Halle, Mommy, Daddy and Willy. The circle is her baby doll.

crafts and her NEW GLASSES!