Monday, March 26, 2012

Just stories

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I told this story at small group Friday night, and will share here. Halle was chewing on her blankie and making sour faces so I told her to stop. She pulled the blanket out of her mouth and said "It's just boogers, mommy!" Grody.

Speaking of grody, Alex had never heard this word before. We heard someone on TV say "Grody to the max" and I said that we should bring it back. He thought I was crazy because I knew what it meant lol. So anyways, there you go, I used grody in a sentence and am officially bringing it back.

Here are some funny sayings happening in our house right now. These are probably like 1% of the funniness that comes out of her mouth. I hope some of them at least translate to text and are still funny, if not, I will have a little record of them to look back on.

"Mommy, I toljoo no!"  (Mommy, I told you no!) This one will come back to bite me in the rear, but it is so cute right now. She usually points at me when she says it.

"Pay it youd jus yike a rocksar" (Play it loud, just like a rock star) A Fresh Beat Band Song.

"Nice and cean" (nice and clean) She says this after a bath or after I vacuum.

"Hojou" (Hold you) This means, pick me up.

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"I has a nice nap" (I had a nice nap) She says this anytime she wakes up, from naptime, in the car, in the morning, and when she is pretending to sleep. This is the first thing you hear every time.

"My bankie, I want my fish bankie" (My blankie, I was my fish blankie) This is usually after you get in the car without it, go downstairs without it, go anywhere without it.

"I'm gonna pay my drums, they so loud" (I'm going to play my drums, they are so loud) She is a drummer at heart. She gets it honest. She is good too. She can play and sing at the same time!

"aww wontcha come on" (Get up and come with me) She does this when you don't want to get up and see what she wants to show you lol

"I jus do it, aight" (I'll just do it, alright) She says this when she asks you to do something for her and you don't immediately do it.

"Don't be sad" She says this if you are sad, or if you aren't smiling for any reason.

"isok" (It's ok) She says this if you are upset or sad. She is such an empathetic little girl.

"Daddy, open da door" (Daddy, open the door) She says this in the morning when she wakes up, after "I has a nice nap" even though Alex is usually at work already.

"Wiwy, come ere boy" (Willy, come here boy) She really loves her doggy and he loves her.

"He needs hep" (He needs help) Usually referring to Willy, or another dog who wants inside. She says this at the Anderson's house to their dog, Rex.

"Where daddy go" (Where did daddy go) At least 3 or 4 times a day. You would think she knew daddy worked by now!

"Smell my stinky feet" I love this kids feet, I always have. I love smelling her stinky feet when she plops them in my face!

"I farked" (I farted) A fart is a fart, and around here, we think they are hilarious and should be celebrated.

"I burked"(I burped) See farked

She randomly sings Twinkle Twinkle, ANY Yo Gabba Gabba songs, Fresh Beat songs, Happy Birthday, Soft Kitty from Big Bang Theory, ABCs, and then she adds her own words to all these tunes and sings them.

Sometimes when she really wants something, like chapstick or dora snacks, and you tell her no, she will whisper the request into your knee...or arm, leg, head, whatever is near her at the time. It is so cute.

Alex's 30th birthday is coming up, so we have been buying him presents and wrapping them. Halle gets excited about anything birthday party related so she starts talking really fast and says "we gonna say, surprise daddy, happy birthday, we got you a cake, ok." This is just what I can remember her saying, it sometimes gets other stuff added in.

I swear, one day last week, while Alex was getting ready for work, Halle woke up did her usual spiel and said MOMMY 130 times. 130 times! And that was after I started counting so I'm sure it was really in the 150 range. I felt like Lois and Stewie from Family Guy.

When you used to read her a story at bedtime, she would want to sleep with the book. Well, I guess she figured out that wasn't good so now as soon as you get done reading, she says "I don't yike it." Half the time, you don't even get The End out.

In the morning she recaps what happend yesterday. This morning she recapped that daddy tickled her last night and she pee peed on the couch. sigh. it sucked, but was funny at the same time. It went like this: Giggle, giggle, laugh, cackle...stops laughing, gets serious, "Daddy, I pee pee." Accidents happen.

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