Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Princess movie, crafts and pee on my hands

This is how Halle watches Beauty and the Beast:


Playing with her toys while watching the movie.
She looks like she is in a Penny's Dance Studio picture pose. lol

I am not lying when I say she comes up with this stuff on her own. I didn't even know we had the teenie tiara!

We did some Easter crafts the other day. We try to do Jesus and bunnies:

Glue is her best friend

Working hard on her bedazzled crosses

Bedazzled Crosses with gift wrap bow ribbon robe and playdoh grass.

cupcake wrapper flowers.

a tissue paper and glue egg. I doubt Ms. Woods knew how much I got out of art class at Valley Elem.

Easter Bunny and Jesus
I took Halle to the doctor yesterday because she was complaining about her nether region hurting. Turns out she was consipated but we didn't find that out until after she had peed in a cup, er, my hand, first. We did find a small ear infection and got meds for that so I guess it's good that we went. Now if I could just get her to drink the prune juice! She also told her daddy when he got home that "we went to dr. and i peed, and i said, mommy, catch my pee!" She is such an animated little story teller!