Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Share the Love

*UPDATE: So the Tustin family also baked cookies FROM SCRATCH and took them to our friends at Mi Pueblo. This is hilarious in so many ways! Great minds think alike?! I have updated the score to reflect this change...but I give us an extra .5 because I didn't have to take a class to bake cookies from scratch, I used the internet, and we got ours their first..BAZINGA (It's my blog and I can do what I want to!) -Jenni

Yesterday, Halle and I were baking and decorating heart shaped cookies for Daddy. I made these from scratch--I know, right?! Anyways, once I realized we were going to have about 30+ cookies, I figured we ought to share the love. I was planning on picking up dinner at Mi Pueblos that evening, so why not make some for the guys there. We all know our (my) obsession with Mi Pueblo!  We took them in and handed them to the owner and despite the language barrier, he thanked us and gave Halle a pink laffy taffy stick. Score: Cercone's 1.5/Tustin's 1 :)

Covered in sugar (there is a design on her shirt that is a red bee)

A messy good time

Halle's decorating tools

The finished product