Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts, Flowers, and Candy, Oh My!

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends! Here's hoping your Valentine doesn't look like this:

a hot mess

Subba Dubba

Halle's prayer is basically thanking God for her loved ones or a random stuffed animal that she sees in her room while praying. She actually thanked God for Big Bird for about a week straight (she also prayed in Big Bird's name). She says "Deaw God, Mommy, Daddy, Wilwy, Gampap, Mawmaw, etc... Sometimes she even thanks God for someone over and over and over again or gets stuck in a cycle of saying the same names three or four times. She ends with "in Jesus name, Amen", which in Halle speak is "Subba Dubba, AMEN". Recently, I have been trying to get her to use her words when praying, so we started with me saying, "Dear God, Thank you for". and then I wait for her to repeat it and then say her names. Well it goes like this: Me: "Dear God" Halle: "Deaw God" Me: "Thank you for" Halle: "5, 6, 7, 8, 9..." I'm sure God understands what she means! So next time you pray, don't forget to end it with a good ole "Subba Dubba, BIG BIRD".
praying at naptime.