Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trying to get through Halloween!

Thanks Andi for the skeleton nails!




The go to silly face




this is just pretend, she hated pumpkin guts and played on the kindle instead


I did two pumpkins in the time it took him to do his


what Halle did


She did love her Peppa Pig pumpkin I carved


Halle drawing a face on her pumpkin


hard workers


Hal's face. I carved it exactly like this.


She loved her pumpkins.


Our pumpkins, Alex did a Storm Trooper


just her daily dress


time to be a super hero girl


every time


"Mom, I just can't reach the toilet paper"


Willy sittin on Alex


deep conversations about Trick or Treat


He must have told her about the candy


Family pic. I party pooped and didn't dress up for Trick or Treat


I'm raising a real life Punky Brewster


HalleMerida and Merida


a motley crew


after Trick or Treating, giving out candy


sorting their loot


hanging out, being pals


I probably have this same picture 100 times


She looks 12 here


looking at our groundhog visitor, but this is how she dresses daily


passed out on the couch


taking a bath in the sink while daddy installed the new bathtub


a little too big


She had fun though


probably her last bath in a sink :(

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