Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Picture Catch All

Just some randomness...

Feeding Merida some cotton candy.

The two best friends that anyone could have.

a little wrestling.

me and my favorite little person.

flinching from the hoberman sphere being opened.

Willy tries to get away but she just follows.

A little upside down time.

Making silly faces.

I don't even know.

My handsome boy...with his eyes open!

Me and Willy.

Drawing pictures on the new board Grandma Levina got her.

working really hard.

It looks just like a pony.

Circles are heads and lines are bodies...they just don't connect.

These balloons lasted from May 30 until August 1...
2 months and they would have lasted longer but I couldn't stand looking at them anymore, so I killed them.

practicing writing her name. She kinda sucks.

My first kill with my fly swatter gun.

Painting Dora pages...Thanks Nancy for the giant coloring book!

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