Sunday, August 12, 2012


Some of the funny stuff my kid says...

While watching Labyrith- "Where's the gwobins?" (goblins)

Singing Sesame Street's theme song- "Sunny days, Cynthia, clowns away"

Chicken noodle soup- "Chicken nugget soup"

"You want a punch in the nose?"

"Whatchu talkin bout?"

Watching The Little Mermaid- "Aww, I wish I had a tail...a purple tail!"

"Close you eyes, I has something for you!"

"Watch your nogget!" (noggin)

Watching Real Housewives of NJ- "They being mean, they get in twubble!" (trouble)

Cooking chili- "Your are stirring just like Tiana!" (from The Princess and the Frog)

After a shower, cleaning out her ears- "Dats just bath in there!"

"Here my am" (Here I am)

"What time is it?" "It's dirty cock!" (It's thirty clock)

Re: a Lalaloopsy- Halle: "Where's her mommy?" Me: "I dunno." Halle: "She's at Target!"

"Dat's her friend this" (They are friends)

Computer- "Picuter"

"Can I sweeze you?" (squeeze)

Pointing to her hip bone- "Look an ankle!"

Pointing to her knuckle- "Look another ankle!"

Re: her recently laundered stuffed bunny- "Yumm, smells like dishwasher!"

Eating a vanilla tootsie roll- "Yumm, tastes like white pudding!"

"There hims is"

"My legs are breakin"

"Dontagobackatoworka Daddy." (Don't go back to work, Daddy.) She tells Alex this every day. On the weekends when he tells her he won't, she says "Okay, we eat (insert breakfast food here) and watch cartoons!)

Re: little poops- "That's okay, it's just a nugget!"

Re: big poops- "It's like a beanstalk!"

"I want my kiss!" She tells Alex this every morning before he goes to work.

"Yumm, you smell pretty good!" She tells Alex this every morning and then makes him smell his own shirt.

Sitting in our living room- Me: "Alright, let's go home!" Halle (looking really confused): "Where are we?!"

"I miss you today!" She tells Alex this every time he comes home from work.

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