Friday, July 27, 2012

Target Toy Sale July 2012

So, I wasn't going nuts over the Target Toy clearance like I usually do. It's pretty well known now and more people are shopping it, which means stuff is getting bought at 30% and 50% instead of letting it go to 70% off. I had to run to Kohl's today to use my $10 birthday money they sent me and Halle wanted to go to Target. Well the toys were on sale and we actually got some great stuff for it being the second day of the sale. It was nice not having that anxious feeling and just kinda being happily surprised! So here it is.

Side note: I wanted to see pictures of what others had found and went to a couple sites that I frequent. I went here

scrolled down and saw a picture of my haul from last year lol...I'm kinda, sorta, like super famous FYI :)~.


I spent $42 on all this.
I had a Target gift card so out of pocket it was $32.
Andi, pay not attention to the MLP gift set (it's for Lauren's bday unless you already got it for her) lol.
The Floam is totally for me and Alex, as is the FG trivia game.
The dress is a Barbie Mermaid outfit, and you know how we feel about mermaids!
The Lalaloopsy dress up purse and socks match the dress up outfit that, I think, Uncle Henry got Halle for Christmas.
Her favorite, of course, is the $.88 princess cell phone.
I wanted to get Halle the singing Tiana for her birthday but didn't want to pay $20 for her. I got her for $5.98.
Halle loves princesses and board games so I couldn't pass up the Princess friends forever game!

My wonderful hubby also went to Morgantown today and found a Brave jewelry gift set for $3. Go him!


If it has the reddish orange tag on it and it says 30% or 50% scan it anyways. Sometime it doesn't get the 70% tag on it but it's still 70% off. The little cell phone I got for Halle had a 30% off tag but I scanned and it was 70% off.

Check later this week for returns. Some shoppers buy toys at 30% and 50% off and save the receipt. If they then find the same toy for 70% off, they return the 30% and 50% off toys and get their money back. I did this with a Lucky Duck game this time. I bought it at 30% off because it was something I really wanted. I later found it at 70% off so I bought it and then took it back with the 30% off receipt. Only do this on something you really want!

Check the entire toy section and store if you have time. Shoppers decide they don't want something and just lay it willy nilly wherever. I think that is how Alex got the Brave jewelry set!

DONATE. Use this sale to buy toys for donations at Christmas. Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, and Operation Christmas Child come to mind!

My FREE $14.99 earrings from Kohl's for my birthday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

reading Brave

Halle has been "reading" lately. We finally got her a Brave Little Golden Book since she is a tad obsessed with the movie. She has seen it twice and would gladly go if we offered to take her again. Anyways, here is how the story goes, according to Halle:


Once upon a time, her mom turns into a bear, her mom's hair, and the babies turn into bears, and the babies are nakey, he he he Jesus name AMEN...das not how it goes, The End!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 yr old well check

Halle had a well check appointment. She is perfectly well. (and she got her stickers, which is all she cares about!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Halle the witch

Halle's new favorite question...

"What's your favorite costume?"

Her's is a aren't allowed to say yours is a witch, btw.

The witch playing with my old Home Interiors bear collection
(courtesy of my mom's attic).

A witch eating cereal...

at 9pm, in July.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Willy gets a new do

Willy gets a haircut...
(he's not blind, he just knows when the flash is going to go off and shuts his eyes)





Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Halle prayer

Halle's bedtime prayer: (read this as one very long run on sentence)

Dear God,

Thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Willy, Henry, that's Daddy's brother, I don't like him, Thank you for my God, Thank you for go to church, cocoa, movies, afro circus, family, friends, movies, food to eat.

In Jesus name, AMEN

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding Dress Fun

My mom loaded me up with stuff from her attic the last time we visited. Here is Halle in my wedding dress...

Mawmaw and Alyssa helping her put it on.

"I need shoes"

Putting on Mawmaw's shoes.



Beautiful little bride.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rail Trail Fun

My friend Andi (shout out!) showed me a part of the rail trail we had never been on, so on Saturday, off we went...

We bought her this helmet before she had glasses lol

Safety first, even if it does make you look like a nerd.

Enjoying the ride.

In the 6 years we've lived here, we had never been to Prickett's Fort lol.

Nerdbombing together since '03.

My beautiful cruiser.

A hot mess.

Whoever decided to pave over exisitng railroad tracks is a genius.

"Mommy, smell my stinky foot"

The tunnel

More of the tunnel

Inside the tunnel

Time for Halle to stretch her legs.

and run.

and, of course, fall.

and our first Dairy Creme Corner...I wasn't impressed. (blasphemy! I know!)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Halle Daddy Fun Time

Alex and Halle playing in the tunnel/tent. Halle has the best daddy in the world!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jumping on the Couch and Crocodialers

Jumping on the couch after church...

and making a "crocodialer" out of breakfast...