Monday, May 14, 2012


We went to Silver Springs, Maryland this weekend to visit Halle's Great Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gene. Halle loved Aunt Nancy's doll/barbie collection and made everyone take turns to go look at it with her. On Saturday we rode the metro into DC and went to the National Zoo. We had a great visit, here are the pictures I got...

Jumping on the bed.

Eating a "dirt" cup at TGIFridays

Getting on the Metro

Enjoying the view

Riding the Metro with Daddy

Watching the panda play

My favorite, the flamingos

Halle standing in front of the flamingos and looking over her glasses, like always!

A tiger. I didn't take many animal pictures because really, who cares?

An alpaca, but for our sake he was Llama Llama Red Pajama

Me and Halle

Halle petting a cow. She wanted to pet every animal we saw. "I pet him?"

After the zoo, before we even got to the Metro.

Halle and Aunt Nancy

My wonderful hubby

Coming home. She woke up and said "I wanna go to the (hotel) room!"

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