Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter in an eggshell

Easter started with a short visit from Grammy and Zaza. They took Halle to see The Lorax again while Alex and I saw American Reunion. The rest of Easter went like this...

Halle's Easter Cactus aka her fliar (flower)

Coloring Eggs (most were cracked before they even hit the dye)

The Masterpieces

Opening her Easter basket after church

She probably ate 4 pieces of chocolate while going through her basket

Willy gets an Easter present too

Wearing her new Minnie Mouse garb

Daddy helping Halle find the hidden eggs

She said something really funny when she opened the egg but I don't remember what it was.
I showed her this picture and asked her what was inside the egg hoping she would say the same thing.
She told me Jesus was inside the egg. Not what she said the first time, but still just as funny.

We had fun busting the eggs on the sidewalk. Alex and i smashed them on each others heads too.
It got a little out of control.

Again, it got a little out of control. Daddy's party foul.

Daddy broke the bunny. (He has been super glued and is back outside now)

We make messes, but we always clean them up.

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