Thursday, April 5, 2012

doggone holy spirit

Today the UPS man delivered the biggest box of Size 5 Pampers diapers (retail $49.99) from Amazon. Problem was, I didn't order them. They were for a house a few streets over that has the same house number as ours.

A few short years ago, these bad boys would have been mine. Sure, Halle doesn't even wear diapers but she does wear pull ups at night, and really, whats the difference. She even calls her pull ups her diapers.

But alas, it never even really crossed my mind to actually keep them. I called UPS and they are picking them up today; and seeing my Det. Stabler (Law and Order SVU) looking UPS man doesn't hurt either!

So holy spirit or conscience, do the right thing. You will always feel better about yourself...

PS: Janice, if you are reading this, I thought about you and your double luggage incident!

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