Monday, April 16, 2012

30 is the new 10, right?

So Alex turned 30 on April 10, but that doesn't mean we had to do some Over the Hill birthday or anything. Cue the Transformers party. We had a 5 day birthday extravaganza; hence the 2 cakes, boy does that make us sound like pigs or what! I fixed some of his favorite foods and he opened lots of presents. Halle loves anything to do with parties or birthdays so a good bit of this was for her. I'm sure Alex secretly loved the Transformers theme too!

Alex's Autobot cake
Nerdbombers and "the point"
Gag me with spoon (Chicken Livers wrapped in bacon)
A DQ Ice cream cake
Punch with a Sherbert iceberg
The happiest guest
We were unicorns according to Halle
Waiting on Daddy to open presents
Helping Daddy open presents
Alex's favorite present. A UFC 96 poster, autographed by every fighter who fought that night.
Alex and his buddy were at this fight in Columbus, Ohio.

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