Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Trip to PA

So we went to Robinson Township this weekend to do a little shopping. I won't go into the hotel stay (they were hosting a slew of middle-schoolers and we checked out early). Anyways, here are some pics from the weekend and some of our shopping finds...and of course, random Halle goodness.

Playing with animals.
Jumping on the bed.

Does she love her Daddy or what?!

Supposed to be sleeping...

Halle's newest Build a Bear, er, cat-Soft Kitty

They actually had Halle's Twinkle Toes for her kitty!

Swimming in the pool. I think we are going to do swim lessons at FSU soon.

Halle and Soft Kitty in matching pjs. Don't pay any attention to the creeper behind her.

Hanging out on the couch not eating her chicken.

Twirling around being happy.

She took her glasses off and of course, fell down.


My new Ikea shelf and Basket for my board game collection!

My new nail polish shelf!


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