Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Visits and Pictures

Halle had a visit from Grammy, Grandpap, and Zaza on Saturday. We took Zaza prom dress shopping. It's always easy because she is a bit like me. If you like it, you get it. No sense in trying on a thousand dresses to get the 1st or 2nd one you tried on. So, Eliza would try on a dress and open the fitting room door. A few times Halle would say "Try again!" and that was pretty funny. Hal then decided she needed a dress of her own and picked out a white one with butterflies. Thanks Grammy.

On Sunday after church, Halle went home with the Tustins. She stayed there all day and got to see a baby calf, a kitty, a doggy, and Maleri painted her nails. She also blows raspberries now when you mention Bubba. They really wore her out, because we couldn't keep her eyes open on the way home. She also went to sleep without her blankie, which we accidentally left there. She asked for it the second she woke up on Monday and I told her that we left it at Twyla's house. She seems okay with this answer, but we may have to run over and get it before small group meets on Friday. Thanks for watching her Twyla and Mal!

Okay, no more jibber jabber...picture time!!

How she watched the entire Puss in Boots movie.

We I may have a loopsy addiction.

Working on a Moon Dough creation.

My beautiful little girl

I'm pretty sure if we lived anywhere besides WV she would be in commercials by now.

Making it "Nice and Cean"

Cleaning up her moon dough. If only the vacuum really worked...instead she just grinds it into the carpet.

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