Monday, March 19, 2012

Catch All

This has been a tough week. Physically, EMOTIONALLY, spiritually. But, that is not what this blog is about so onto the happy goodness...(just know that we are not perfect, well-balanced, or even normal on most days lol)

FUNNY STORY: Yesterday, I was trying to get Halle to pick up her toys. She was picking them up and stopped, looked at me and said, "I'm sleepy, I need a rest, Mommy will pick up the toys, aight." She then dropped everything got her blankie and laid down on the couch. If you didn't know, adding aight (alright) to the end of a sentence means its okay and you just go ahead and do least according to Hal!

How Halle plays PS3. The Diva plays "Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix"  lol
I put her smaller toys in these 3 drawer Sterilite containers. When she goes to drag something else out,
 I say "Okay, put up your toys" and she said "thas ok I just play with these toys" 

The Minnie Mouse ears are worn everywhere. Here she was wearing them to Mi Pueblo.

I am ashamed at how filthy her glasses are! This is her bicyclecycle helmet.
We got this before she had glasses so I think it's funny it has glasses. Alex says it looks like Chucky from Rugrats.
We went on a 6 mile bike ride yesterday, but I didn't get any pictures. Halle actually fell asleep in the bike trailer.
Thanks for the trailer Danelle!
Halle's great aunt Nancy sent her some barbies. She has collected them for years and gave Halle some to play with.
She especially loves the Tickle Me Elmo barbie. She opens them, gasps, and says "ohhhh, so prettty." Thanks aunt Nancy!

Well that's all I have for today. I think we are going to have a lazy rainy movies, play toys, and have a nice long nap, ALRIGHT.

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