Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Hero Cowboy and a dose of Benadryl

1. Alex bought Halle a super hero outfit. 2. Halle's face broke out for whatever reason and I had to give her benadryl (which seems to make her hyper). 3. Hal's red cowboy hat that she wears at all waking hours. Add these three things together and you get the following...

trying out the new cape

I'm a super hero

Halle says "Come on super hero daddy"

Did I marry Batman?! Oh wait, no, that's Alex in his snuggie.

She loves being a super hero cowboy (you can see Boy, her dog, with his matching super hero outfit on) 

make a muscle

all super heros should learn how to fly

practicing for her first broken arm

even super heros need a purse

hi yaking the camera

Beware Evil Doers

Super Hero is here to save the day!
As I finish this post, we are getting ready to watch Puss in Boots. Halle is sitting on the couch with her popcorn and sippy, still in full super hero costume minus the cowboy hat. I have a feeling this is going to be our new normal!

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