Sunday, February 26, 2012

So he could see Jesus

Today after service, on the way to Cracker Barrell, we asked Halle what she learned at church today. She usually tells us that she played or doesn't acknowledge us at all. She said "kaius" which we thought she meant "crazy". So I said, "Did you go crazy and play at church today?" She said "NO, KAIUS!" So Alex picked up her paper she had colored and said, "Oh, Zaccheus" and Halle said, "ZACCHEUS!" Alex said "what about Zaccheus?" and Halle said "Zaccheus climbed a tree to see Jesus!" Wow, I totally got teary-eyed because she is 2 1/2 years old and gets it. So good job to the teachers, you are getting through to them!

Halle with her picture of Zaccheus and a sideways, green Jesus.

When Jesus saw Zaccheus up in the tree, He said, "Come down, Zaccheus. I want to go to your house with you." Zaccheus became Jesus' friend.

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  1. They are never too young to learn about Jesus.