Sunday, February 12, 2012

Since I'm not on Facebook anymore

Halle making Dora jump on her new Wii game.
I'm blogging. Please stay tuned for misspellings, incorrect, comma, usage, and lots of stories and pictures of Hallebug. I just ask that you do not copy any pictures from my blog (if I wanted them on Facebook, I would still be on there). Feel free to invite others to view the blog. Here is a pic to get us started and a funny little story.
Today Alex was snaking our bathroom drain so it was a mess up there. Of course, Hal needed to pee, or poopoo, or peepoo (anything to get upstairs to daddy). I told her to hold it for a little bit and looked down and she had her hands cupped. She was holding it!


  1. You are truly blessed to have these sweet memories Jenni. I am happy for you - she is a little mini-you. :-) Alex and you make wonderful parents - look how happy she is.. God bless.