Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Girl Bed

So we moved Halle to her big girl bed. It was actually pretty easy. We pretended to rest in her bed throughout the day without actually napping. When bedtime rolled around, we "rested" again but this time I rested in my bed and Halle in hers. It wasn't long until the little yawns started and she was out in 5 minutes. I'm glad it was easy since the last time we tried this she cried until we put the railings back on her crib. She now wakes up before 8am (grrr) and yells until you go get her. Her favorite is "Daddy, I has a nice nap", she must still think we are "resting". Okay, enough with the jibber jabber, here are some pictures.

"Resting" in her big girl bed with Willy. We left the crib up just in case we had a melt down.

Hanging out Yelling with Will in her newly painted big girl bed.

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