Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Hero Cowboy and a dose of Benadryl

1. Alex bought Halle a super hero outfit. 2. Halle's face broke out for whatever reason and I had to give her benadryl (which seems to make her hyper). 3. Hal's red cowboy hat that she wears at all waking hours. Add these three things together and you get the following...

trying out the new cape

I'm a super hero

Halle says "Come on super hero daddy"

Did I marry Batman?! Oh wait, no, that's Alex in his snuggie.

She loves being a super hero cowboy (you can see Boy, her dog, with his matching super hero outfit on) 

make a muscle

all super heros should learn how to fly

practicing for her first broken arm

even super heros need a purse

hi yaking the camera

Beware Evil Doers

Super Hero is here to save the day!
As I finish this post, we are getting ready to watch Puss in Boots. Halle is sitting on the couch with her popcorn and sippy, still in full super hero costume minus the cowboy hat. I have a feeling this is going to be our new normal!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

So he could see Jesus

Today after service, on the way to Cracker Barrell, we asked Halle what she learned at church today. She usually tells us that she played or doesn't acknowledge us at all. She said "kaius" which we thought she meant "crazy". So I said, "Did you go crazy and play at church today?" She said "NO, KAIUS!" So Alex picked up her paper she had colored and said, "Oh, Zaccheus" and Halle said, "ZACCHEUS!" Alex said "what about Zaccheus?" and Halle said "Zaccheus climbed a tree to see Jesus!" Wow, I totally got teary-eyed because she is 2 1/2 years old and gets it. So good job to the teachers, you are getting through to them!

Halle with her picture of Zaccheus and a sideways, green Jesus.

When Jesus saw Zaccheus up in the tree, He said, "Come down, Zaccheus. I want to go to your house with you." Zaccheus became Jesus' friend.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Picture Post

I've been under the weather, so here are some pics to make up for not posting over the weekend:

Tattoo Hal making playdoh cookies and cupcakes

The cutest little feet I have ever seen

Sadly, this is how filthy dirty her glasses usually are. I don't know how she sees out of them.

Alex's child.

She looks so grown up in this one.

She calls this her cowboy hat.

Halle wearing her "castle" aka crown.

Having fun with Daddy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Share the Love

*UPDATE: So the Tustin family also baked cookies FROM SCRATCH and took them to our friends at Mi Pueblo. This is hilarious in so many ways! Great minds think alike?! I have updated the score to reflect this change...but I give us an extra .5 because I didn't have to take a class to bake cookies from scratch, I used the internet, and we got ours their first..BAZINGA (It's my blog and I can do what I want to!) -Jenni

Yesterday, Halle and I were baking and decorating heart shaped cookies for Daddy. I made these from scratch--I know, right?! Anyways, once I realized we were going to have about 30+ cookies, I figured we ought to share the love. I was planning on picking up dinner at Mi Pueblos that evening, so why not make some for the guys there. We all know our (my) obsession with Mi Pueblo!  We took them in and handed them to the owner and despite the language barrier, he thanked us and gave Halle a pink laffy taffy stick. Score: Cercone's 1.5/Tustin's 1 :)

Covered in sugar (there is a design on her shirt that is a red bee)

A messy good time

Halle's decorating tools

The finished product

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts, Flowers, and Candy, Oh My!

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends! Here's hoping your Valentine doesn't look like this:

a hot mess

Subba Dubba

Halle's prayer is basically thanking God for her loved ones or a random stuffed animal that she sees in her room while praying. She actually thanked God for Big Bird for about a week straight (she also prayed in Big Bird's name). She says "Deaw God, Mommy, Daddy, Wilwy, Gampap, Mawmaw, etc... Sometimes she even thanks God for someone over and over and over again or gets stuck in a cycle of saying the same names three or four times. She ends with "in Jesus name, Amen", which in Halle speak is "Subba Dubba, AMEN". Recently, I have been trying to get her to use her words when praying, so we started with me saying, "Dear God, Thank you for". and then I wait for her to repeat it and then say her names. Well it goes like this: Me: "Dear God" Halle: "Deaw God" Me: "Thank you for" Halle: "5, 6, 7, 8, 9..." I'm sure God understands what she means! So next time you pray, don't forget to end it with a good ole "Subba Dubba, BIG BIRD".
praying at naptime.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Girl Bed

So we moved Halle to her big girl bed. It was actually pretty easy. We pretended to rest in her bed throughout the day without actually napping. When bedtime rolled around, we "rested" again but this time I rested in my bed and Halle in hers. It wasn't long until the little yawns started and she was out in 5 minutes. I'm glad it was easy since the last time we tried this she cried until we put the railings back on her crib. She now wakes up before 8am (grrr) and yells until you go get her. Her favorite is "Daddy, I has a nice nap", she must still think we are "resting". Okay, enough with the jibber jabber, here are some pictures.

"Resting" in her big girl bed with Willy. We left the crib up just in case we had a melt down.

Hanging out Yelling with Will in her newly painted big girl bed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Since I'm not on Facebook anymore

Halle making Dora jump on her new Wii game.
I'm blogging. Please stay tuned for misspellings, incorrect, comma, usage, and lots of stories and pictures of Hallebug. I just ask that you do not copy any pictures from my blog (if I wanted them on Facebook, I would still be on there). Feel free to invite others to view the blog. Here is a pic to get us started and a funny little story.
Today Alex was snaking our bathroom drain so it was a mess up there. Of course, Hal needed to pee, or poopoo, or peepoo (anything to get upstairs to daddy). I told her to hold it for a little bit and looked down and she had her hands cupped. She was holding it!